United Way Age-Friendly Lehigh Valley

Age-Friendly Lehigh Valley

About one in three Lehigh Valley older adults need assistance with various activities including cooking, bathing, grocery shopping and transportation.

Age-Friendly Lehigh Valley envisions a community where everyone in the Lehigh Valley has the opportunity to age successfully. Lehigh and Northampton counties are certified members of the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities establishing the Lehigh Valley as the nation’s first dual-county community to receive this certification.

Ensuring that older adults in the Lehigh Valley can thrive mentally, emotionally and physically, Age-Friendly Lehigh Valley developed the Age-Friendly Lehigh Valley Action Plan; a guide outlining the community tools needed to ensure that age-friendly programs, services, and policy are available and accessible to all.

Equitable access to healthcare services, transportation and healthy food is an ongoing concern. The goals and strategies of the Plan are centered in equity and focus on transformational changes that allow older adults to fully engage in the community and be respected and recognized for their contributions.

Age-friendly communities treat all residents and visitors with respect, regardless of age, income or physical ability. They are accessible, equitable, inclusive, safe, secure and supportive. They keep individuals socially connected and engaged in community life and they enhance opportunities to be healthy and active.

“Being an older adult in the Lehigh Valley doesn’t have to be boring and lonely. It can be fun and rewarding if you reach outside of yourself and get involved in your community.”

Carol Gonzalez
Allentown Resident

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