Apply for a TeenWorks Grant

Teens Helping Teens – Making a Difference

Through TeenWorks, local teens engage in community service projects, develop leadership and communication skills and make meaningful connections while giving back to their community.

Have a community service project you need funded? We encourage you to apply for a TeenWorks grant below.

The types of teen groups include the following:

  • Schools (Middle, Charter, High Schools)
  • Faith Community (Church, Synagogue, CYO)
  • Organizations (Boys & Girls Clubs, Youth Groups, Scouts)

The application must be filled out in its entirety, or the form will be returned, and you must re-submit.

To apply for a TeenWorks Grant, fill out the electronic application below or download the PDF application.

TeenWorks Program Application

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Teen Group Information

Type of teen group

Nonprofit Information

Nonprofit Address

Adult Leader Information

Can TeenWorks™ call or text adult leader if needed?
Preferred method of contact
Note: The adult leader is responsible for reviewing this application to make sure it is fully completed and that the teen is prepared to present the correct information.

Teen Leader Information

Can TeenWorks™ call or text you if needed?
Preferred method of contact

Project Information

Is TeenWorks your first source of funding?
Please note that you are required to look for other sources of funding before presenting to the TeenWorks Board. For example, fundraisers, donations, etc.
Please list fundraisers (including dates), donor groups or stores and dollar amounts.
Are you able to send digital pictures of your project to TeenWorks?
Do you need AV equipment for your presentation?
Describe your project in detail.
Approximate time frame for project completion
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Below you will find a section where you can create a budget proposal for your project. It is crucial that you fill in every line item field completely; budget information is a key component in the Board’s approval of a projection. You must indicate whether the products you are using are American-made or union-made. This criteria is very important to the Board and helps them to make their decision. Projects that do not contain at least American-made products will not be funded. If you have any questions, please contact TeenWorks at 610-807-5715.

Applications must be received in this office by the first day of every month. Teens should be prepared to give their presentations the second Tuesday of that month. However, immediate presentation to the Board is not guaranteed. Plan on submitting this application at least two months before the start date of your project. Applications are reviewed on a first come first serve basis.

NOTE Remember that the TeenWorks Program™ is a collaborative effort between organized labor and the United Way.

Please make every attempt to purchase union-made products. If buying union-made products is not possible, then at least purchase American-made products, but be prepared to answer questions from the Board on your research for union-made products. Information on union-made products can be found at under the “Do buy” section.

Budget Information

Go to for union-made products.

Go to for American-made products.

Budget Line Item One (Required)

Union Made(Required)
American Made(Required)

Budget Line Item Two

Union Made
American Made

Budget Line Item Three

Union Made
American Made

Budget Line Item Four

Union Made
American Made

Budget Line Item Five

Union Made
American Made

Budget Line Item Six

Union Made
American Made

Budget Line Item Seven

Union Made
American Made

Budget Line Item Eight

Union Made
American Made

Budget Line Item Nine

Union Made
American Made

Budget Line Item Ten

Union Made
American Made

Total Cost of Project


MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY

The fiscal agent is a key part of this application. The TeenWorks Program will only release funds to organizations that are not-for-profit corporations. The fiscal agent will act as a liaison between the TeenWorks Program and you. You should make sure that you contact your fiscal agent to let them know you are applying for this funding.


  • Be done in Carbon, Lehigh or Northampton counties.
  • Accomplish a task otherwise unattainable by the community it benefits.
  • Be planned and implemented by teens.
  • Be presented before the TeenWorks Board of Directors.

TeenWorks will only release funds to nonprofit corporations. Please contact the nonprofit to let them know that you are applying for this funding.

presentations will be evaluated on the following:

  • Planning process and overall presentation
  • Project addresses a demonstrated need in the recipient community
  • Ability to work with other groups if necessary

Please note: Primary consideration will be given to inner-city projects and those that serve communities whose needs are greatest. Other projects receive secondary consideration and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

You will receive an email to notify you of your time for the presentation. The presentation will be 5-15 minutes, including additional questions from the Board. The presentation must show collaboration between the teen(s) and the adult leader. The teen(s) must plan on doing the actual presentation. Presenters should bring all necessary visual aids, materials or copies of handouts. We would like to keep one hand out for our records and the rest may be taken with you in order to save on your expenses. Applications are due in the office by the first day of every month. Extensions cannot be granted, but we will hold your application to the next monthly review of applications by the Board. We look forward to working with you on your project.

If you have questions or trouble filling out the form, please contact John Werkheiser at 610-770-4636.

recent teenworks projects

  • Fisola Oyerokun, 2024 Project of the Year Award recipient, beautified the amphitheater at Macungie Memorial Park, which included power washing and laying new paving bricks over a large area in front of the stage.
  • Quinn Colognato rejuvenated the Healing Garden at KidsPeace, Orefield Campus. The Healing Garden is a place where people can go for serenity and solitude during difficult times.
  • Griffen Christman worked on an Eagle Scout project building shelves and a large ice chest at Jordan United Church of Christ in Allentown.
  • Roosevelt Elementary “Little Leaders”; Leader: Jayleen Bell beautified the area around the Fearless Fire Station, which is across the street from the school in Allentown. This project in conjunction with the “Girls on the Run” initiative.
  • Evan Biery’s Eagle Scout project was the refurbishing of the Evergreen Trail at Jordan UCC in Lehigh County. United Church of Christ in Allentown. The trail had overgrowth and other debris that had to be removed.
  • The TeenWorks Board completed one of their own projects this year that involved creating activity kits for Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital patients.