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Join the TeenWorks Board

Since our inception, every TeenWorks board member has graduated from high school and attended college or trade schools.

TeenWorks was formed in 1999 when labor unions and teens of the Lehigh Valley created a collaboration that has funded over 500 teen lead projects since its origins. 

The TeenWorks board is made up of a diverse group of teens and adults who help to encourage and fund young, local applicants who want to better their communities. Many of the board’s young members are grant recipients themselves who completed projects in the past and wished to continue volunteering with TeenWorks.

TeenWorks board members learn and develop valuable skills, such as:

  • Leadership
  • Planning and teamwork
  • Effective communication
  • Responsibility
  • Helping the local community
  • Fine social skills and adaptability
  • Sharp fiscal awareness and smart financial planning

Looking to join a group of teens creating positive change in the Lehigh Valley? Download the application below.

“Being TeenWorks Board Chair, I became more confident and outgoing and learned different professional skills.”

Samantha Moyer
Former TeenWorks Board Chair

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