Embracing Diversity Through Art: United Way Welcomes Saara Arts as a Partner

Saara Arts is a nonprofit organization in Bethlehem, PA passionately sharing art and artists from across the world.

Our nonprofit partners stand UNITED, working to address our community’s greatest challenges.

Among them is Saara Arts, a new United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley partner located in Bethlehem. Saara Arts is a nonprofit cultural organization whose mission is to ignite a global appreciation for diverse art forms by fostering education, inclusivity and creativity through diverse art forms. Saara Arts envisions a vibrant world where global art traditions are celebrated and cherished, and their mission is to ignite a global appreciation for these diverse art forms.

Through immersive workshops, vibrant festivals, engaging auctions and specially crafted children’s activities, Saara Arts is committed to breaking down cultural barriers and promoting understanding. Their vision includes establishing a multicultural center of the arts in the Lehigh Valley, serving as a beacon of creativity and cultural exchange. This center will provide transformative workshops that empower individuals to explore and appreciate global art forms, enriching lives and fostering unity.

“As we UNITE with Saara Arts, we’re inspired by their dedication to fostering creativity, inclusivity and cultural understanding. Together, we’re building a brighter future where the next generation of art enthusiasts can be seen and celebrated,” shared Priscilla Rosado, United Way Director of Partner Engagement.

Join Saara Arts in building a multicultural center that celebrates the transformative power of art, creating a legacy of appreciation, understanding and unity in the heart of the Lehigh Valley and beyond.

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