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Food Access

What is the Purpose of our Food Access Programs?

Increase Access + Availability of Nutritious Food

Why Our Mission Matters

12%25 or close to 80,000 Lehigh Valley residents are food insecure.
  • More than half of the people who are hungry are not eligible for public benefits because they are above the poverty line--$23,000 for a family of four.
  • Lack of nutritious food has wide ranging effects on everyone in the Valley.

How we provide food access to families in need

Support family self-sufficiency, ensuring food is available and affordable for all Lehigh Valley residents.
  • United Way co-founded the Lehigh Valley Food Policy Council to expand SNAP and food access programs for low-income residents.
  • We support Buy Fresh Buy Local and Rodale Institute’s Double SNAP program, which provides SNAP recipients with extra dollars to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables.  The program has revolutionized SNAP benefits by allowing SNAP to be used at farm stands, farmers' markets, and farm share programs. 
  • Support emergency food solutions and at-home meal delivery.
    • 17,000 families were impacted by increased access to nutritional food.
  • Educate at-risk populations about quality food choices.
    • Nutritional education courses are offered to over 250 + students and families in United Way Schools.
  • Food Access Partners
  • Collective Impact
  • Program Investments
Investment Portfolio

United Way Food Access

United Way believes that every resident of the Lehigh Valley deserves access to healthy, nutritious food.
Meals on Wheels saved my life. "Meals on Wheels saved my life. If not for the volunteers who came on a Monday and knew something was wrong because my door was locked, I wouldn't be here. I fell on Saturday and couldn't get up. I yelled for help, but no one heard me. I thank God for Meals on Wheels and my friends who are volunteers. Every day they share their lives with me, their private stories; weddings, new babies, sewing tips, knitting tips, recipes. They are my connection to the world. I am so impressed with the meals, because they can accommodate a diabetic diet, and we also receive blizzard bags during the winter months.  Meals on Wheels always makes sure we are fed. Fish is my favorite with the stewed tomatoes, and macaroni and cheese." – Stella, 96
Agency: Meals on Wheels Lehigh County
United Way Funded Program: Meals Delivery

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