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Talk Read Sing

Talk Read Sing is a national awareness campaign that empowers families to be their baby’s first teacher by talking, reading and singing to them every day.

When families talk, read and sing with a child – even before they can use words – they’re helping them learn. Research shows that talking, reading and singing with a child every day from birth helps build their brains as well as important language, math, reading and social skills for use in school and beyond.

Talk Read Sing aims to transform everyday places where families spend time in language-rich environments. Laundromats, grocery store chains and libraries around the community will display creative materials that encourage families to talk, read, and sing while they engage in everyday activities.

Let’s Talk About numbers!

Parents–you can help your children develop strong language skills through everyday interactions. Try these fun activities and scroll down for additional ways to talk, read and sing with your child every day!

Graphic - talk, read and sing to your children about numbers

Download and print these activities: EnglishSpanishArabic

“Increasing literacy in our community is no small task. Together with partners and donors like you, we can protect every child’s right to read.”

Angela Baio
Univest Public Media Center’s VP Policy & Advocacy

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