United Way Addresses Mental Health Crisis with Multi-Year Campaign to Raise Awareness and Resources

Allentown, PA – United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley has announced a multi-year initiative to increase awareness and funding around the region’s growing mental health crisis. The UNITED for Mental Health campaign is a three-year initiative with initial support from BSI Corporate Benefits. 

“Across the nation, mental health needs are rising rapidly, creating substantial impacts on all parts of life including physical health, quality of life and even a student’s ability to learn in school. In fact, the U.S. Surgeon General has described declining mental health among youth as the crisis of our time,” said David Lewis, President of United Way. 

In the Greater Lehigh Valley, statistics show a continued increase in depression, anxiety and isolation among children, teens, adults and seniors:

  • 43% of youth report feeling depressed most days,
  • 40% of adults report symptoms of depression or anxiety,
  • 25% of seniors report feeling isolated from their community, and
  • The suicide rate is 34% higher than the state average, with Carbon County reporting the highest suicide rate among veterans in Pennsylvania. 

“At BSI, we see the need growing every day when reviewing client claims data. Today, mental health challenges affect nearly one in four Americans, and impacts every family and every person in the community,” said BSI Corporate Benefits Chief Executive Officer Tony DaRe, who is chairing the 2023 United Way campaign with his wife Adrienne. 

Throughout the annual campaign which ends March 31, 2024, BSI Corporate Benefits has pledged to make an additional gift in honor of every new or increased donation to support our neighbors’ mental health needs. 

Donations will provide resources including:

  • Student mental health services in United Way Community Schools;
  • Programs to combat social isolation among older adults;
  • Housing, shelter and case management for veterans;
  • In-home services for babies and parents, and more.

“So many people in our community are struggling, and we believe we can make a real difference by working together to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and to raise funding for numerous United Way-supported programs and efforts to connect children, parents, employees and their families with the services they need,” added Adrienne DaRe. 

All new and increased donations to United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley through March 31, 2024, are eligible for the additional gift from BSI. 

To donate directly to UNITED for Mental Health, text HOPEFUL to 40403 or visit