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Waterford Upstart

Waterford Upstart is an in-home, digital kindergarten readiness program that helps children develop the cognitive and social-emotional skills they need for school success.

Lehigh Valley Reads partnered with Waterford.org to provide 125 children access to the Waterford Upstart Pre-K program last year. Preschool-age children received a personalized curriculum in reading, math and science along with devices, internet services and family coaching. Despite the pandemic, the results showed an overwhelming success, with 93% of students enrolled entering school on the first day ready for kindergarten.

“Waterford Upstart may have been a small pilot, but it was a mighty one. It’s an additional tool in our toolbox to ensure that all our children are ready for kindergarten.”

Angela Baio
Univest Public Media Center’s VP Policy & Advocacy

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