“We challenge more people who look like us to step up and participate with partners like United Way”

When asked “Why United Way,” new Tocqueville members Tyrone Russell, CEO of Faces International, and his wife Ingrid, bilingual program assessor for PA Keys, said they give because of the people who work within the halls of our United Way. People like Marci Lesko, Jill Pereira, and Erin Connelly have confidence in the Russells and others to lead their communities the way they say their communities should be led.

“We don’t give based on the belief that the organization does the work,” reflects Tyrone. “We give because the people in the organization believe and have confidence in leaders like Dr. Hasshan Batts, Kevin Greene, and me. They say, ‘it’s your world, it’s your community, tell us what should be done, and we will follow your lead.’ So anywhere they go, Ingrid and I will go and continue to serve the community.” 

Tyrone also wants everyone to know that every dollar matters when giving to your United Way and you don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to give back to your community. “United Way is open for people like us to come in and have a part in the process of funding. We challenge more people who look like us to step up to the table and start to participate with partners like United Way who have been committed to our community for so long in different ways.”

The Russells reside on the East Side of Allentown with their 2 children, Nyomi (10) and Celeste (7).