Marci Martinez-Howey Named Woman of the Year by YWCA Bethlehem

Marci Martinez Howey Associate VP DEI

Join us in congratulating Marci Martinez-Howey for being named Woman of the Year at the upcoming 46th Annual Women & Teens of the Year Awards hosted by YWCA Bethlehem.

“Marci Martinez-Howey was selected as a Woman of the Year thanks to the significant positive impact she brings in volunteering to make our community a better place,” said Virginia Oskin, YWCA Bethlehem Women and Teens Awards co-chair. “Marci’s commitment to the Lehigh Valley is exemplary, and we are proud to have selected her for the YWCA Bethlehem Woman of the Year Award 2021.”

Nominees for the award are chosen based on their service to the community through volunteerism, fundraising, leading special projects or events or by being a community activist or an advocate for others. Marci was nominated by her boss, Debbie Klocek, Vice President of Finance and Administration and supporting letters were submitted on her behalf by Marci Lesko, Executive Vice President of UWGLV; Kelly Chando, Director of Development at St. Luke’s University Health Network as well as a friend and former colleague; and Lauryn Graves, a friend and Community and Government Relations specialist at Air Products.

Thank you, Marci, for your dedication and invaluable service to our community!

The 46th annual YWCA Bethlehem’s Women and Teens Awards will occur virtually at 5 p.m. on April 22, 2021. It will include award and scholarship winners, as well as a silent auction to support YWCA women and girls empowerment programs.

Read the full story about Marci’s amazing work in the Lehigh Valley Press article.