Valley Wealth Alliance: Breaking the cycle of financial inequality

valley wealth alliance logo

Valley Wealth Alliance, a new United Way qualified partner, is a nonprofit organization established in Allentown in 2020. Their mission is to break the cycle of financial inequality by providing financial literacy programs in the low to moderate income areas of the Lehigh Valley.

They offer student and adult programs focused on areas of understanding the banking system, building and establishing credit, opening bank accounts, life skills, budgeting, utilization of credit cards, starting a business, mentorships, money concepts for kids and more. Their programs educate participants on what they need to know, coach them through putting what they learned into practice, and connect them to the resources they need to be financially successful.

“As we embark on the journey to build a THRIVING tomorrow today, we recognize that being UNITED is the key. We look forward to the impact our partnership will bring, educating, coaching and connecting individuals to the resources needed for financial success,” said Priscilla Rosado, United Way Director of Partner Engagement.

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