See the Impact: Success Stories from a Women United Signature Project

Women United is proud to support ProJeCt of Easton Inc.’s Family Literacy and Parent Education Program. The program utilizes a “teach the parent, reach the child” model to assist parents in becoming the first and most important teacher, promote a child’s success in school and advance the family educationally and economically. ProJeCt shared success stories of three students and their families who have greatly benefited from the Program.

Jacqueline joined her family in the United States just four months ago. She and her granddaughter, Zoey, attend ProJeCt’s Parent Education and Early Childhood Education classes every day. Jackie’s goal is to utilize the literacy strategies taught in her Parent Education class to support her grandchildren’s success in school. As an active participant in the Program, Jacqueline increased her vocabulary in speaking, listening, reading and writing on the intermediate level and broadened her understanding of American culture in a short time. 

Esmeralda, mother of three, is working hard to keep life stabilized for her family despite various health issues. With the goal of earning a G.E.D., she attends classes at ProJeCt while her youngest son, Emmanual, participates in the preschool program. Through the Family Literacy and Parent Education Program, Esmeralda and Emmanual get to work on literacy development together in the classroom. The Program gives Esmeralda the confidence in teaching and advocating for her children’s success in school and helps prepare Emmanual for his transition to kindergarten.

Yariana attends ProJeCt’s adult literacy class for English skills while her two-year-old son, Diego, participates in the preschool program. Diego initially struggled with being separated from Yariana, so the teachers created an opportunity for them to learn and play together. During that time, Yariana practiced the teaching strategies she learned in the Parent Education class and incorporated speaking opportunities and other educational aspects during their playtime. Thanks to ProJeCt, Yariana has advanced from Intro to English class to the Advanced ESL class and feels more confident as her child’s first teacher. Diego no longer struggles with separation from Yariana, and now looks forward to playing with his new friends in the preschool program.