Tocqueville Member Spotlight: Bill Schaninger, Ph.D. Supports Innovative Solutions with Measurable Results

As a former United Way Board member, Bill Schaninger, Ph.D. became an ardent supporter of education and Community Schools after seeing the direct and positive impact on students and their families.

“Education is the pathway to a brighter future, and I really believe in United Way’s mission to ensure that all kids are afforded the opportunity to graduate high school prepared for life, college and career,” said the Senior Partner at Modern Executive Solutions and former Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company.

“When I make a financial commitment, I want to know that it’s actually making an impact,” he added.

So when housing become a top need among students in United Way Community Schools during the pandemic, Schaninger invested in an innovative Housing Advocate pilot program to keep families in their homes, and therefore, children in their schools. During the first year, advocates assisted 40 families in the Bethlehem Area School District, and 100% maintained stable housing and education.

Several years later that program has become a model to address the connection between student achievement, housing stability and mental health by helping families to:

  • Mitigate eviction 
  • Prevent homelessness 
  • Improve housing security 
  • Decrease student mobility 
  • Support student achievement