United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley conducted a one-of-a-kind information session in partnership with the Bethlehem Health Bureau

In collaboration with the Bethlehem Health Bureau, United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley (UWGLV) conducted a Project Lifesaver information session at the YWCA of Bethlehem on February 13.

Project Lifesaver is a search-and-rescue program strategically designed for “at risk” individuals who are prone to the life-threatening behavior of wandering, including those diagnosed with cognitive impairments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The Bethlehem Health Bureau works with local police departments to locate loved ones, with the goal to determine their location within 30 minutes. Officers are trained on Project Lifesaver technology, strategic protocols and basic understanding of cognitive conditions.

Community Health Specialists from the Bethlehem Health Bureau, Brittany Pantoni and Zory Garcia, presented on Project Lifesaver transmitter bracelets, which rely on radio frequencies rather than GPS tracking. Officer Jeffrey Fehr from the Bethlehem City Police Department and Officer Steven Santiago from the North Catasauqua Police Department both gave demonstrations of the technology and discussed their experience with Project Lifesaver in the field.

“Education is the first step to action. By learning about Project Lifesaver, families can make an informed decision as to whether this program is right for them. If their loved one goes wandering, this program ensures that individual can be found quickly and increases the overall likelihood of a positive outcome for all parties involved,” shares Erika Newhard, Dementia Outreach Coordinator at UWGLV.

Eligible attendees were also fit with bracelets at the end of the session and families were trained on how to maintain proper upkeep for the device.

To learn more about Project Lifesaver visit Project Lifesaver International | Bringing Loved Ones Home