See The Impact: TeenWorks, Capital Blue Cross and Local Labor Unions Build Shelves and Organize School Uniforms at Roosevelt Elementary School

Volunteers organizing school uniforms

On Tuesday, June 22, volunteers from TeenWorksTM, Capital Blue Cross and local labor unions combined efforts to build shelving and sort and organize uniforms at Roosevelt Elementary School, a Community School in the Allentown School District. In an effort to make the transition from virtual learning to the classroom for students easier when they return in September, volunteers organized the clothes so students will be able to find their size effortlessly. Community Schools Coordinator, Samantha Johns of Communities in Schools of Eastern helped organize the program and with volunteers from local unions PSEA (Pennsylvania State Education Association), Workers United, Operating Engineers Local 542, Carpenters Local 167, and Teamsters Local 773.
TeenWorks is an affinity group of United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley and is made up of a diverse group of local middle school and high school students and local members of organized labor. This organization, which operates solely in the Lehigh Valley, began in 1999 as a partnership with the labor community and United Way. The group meets monthly and helps to fund community service projects throughout the Lehigh Valley from various youth groups. Over 500 organizations have received grants of up to $1,000.00 for their projects, including 370 Eagle Scouts. In addition to funding projects, TeenWorks board members have a strong group of volunteers who can be counted on to do anything from building shelves to distributing mulch.
TeenWorks and Capital Blue Cross have shared the financial support for this Community School for the past three years. TeenWorks and Capital Blue Cross entered into this unique relationship twenty years ago and have produced significant results.